What we do

Your supply-chain transformed, enhanced and protected

By working in partnership with both customers and key suppliers, Loksys’ comprehensive and robust supply-chain products and services deliver solutions to the rapidly evolving and increasingly competitive rail, transport and logistic sector.

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Loksys innovates, designs and creates secure and agile supply-chain management platforms and products for the connected world.

All based around their trak-chain products. They connect you directly with your supply chain. You can now monitor and automate your procedures. Resulting in a simpler, yet more comprehensive management of your workflow.

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Trakalok 3 is our latest IoT enabled GPS enabled tracking device. This is the third generation of a well received line.

It is used by different industries for road, rail, sea and air freight. Securing the goods on their journey.

Developed by our sister company Innovate Tech you can find out more at their web pages.

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The technology that enables our provision of a hybrid  Internet of Everything (IoE) Platform is called ScientiaQ.

ScientiaQ is a software platform. This Platform builds on the concepts of IoE. This recognises 4 core components, things, people, processes and data.

This conceptual approach allows us to bring together cloud computing and edge computing. It allows us to define data, capture it and use it

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Our Supply Chain Experts

Loksys International make use of ScientiaQ in their products.